Our Special Projects Division

There is a misconception that P. Agnes is too large of a company to be interested in smaller work. Although our company has experienced significant growth over the past two decades, our unmatched ability to focus on every project detail allows us to perform on smaller projects that other firms who have experienced similar growth may not. Our clients appreciated our eagerness to work on the "smaller projects" so for that reason in 2009 we created our Special Projects Division (SPD). Primarily focused on projects up to $5 million, our SPD allows us to participate in a market that is mostly populated by smaller construction companies. The secret to our success in this smaller project market lies in our ability to self-perform almost all of the general construction trades. This allows us to be flexible with our work crews and reduce overall project schedule. Our history shows that successfully completing our clients smaller projects often leads to repeat business that sometimes includes larger projects and over all client satisfaction.

Featured Project

Watch videoP. Agnes, Inc. constructed the Shoemaker Green Project for the University of Pennsylvania. This special project has been selected to be designed and constructed using the Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES) pilot program.

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