Thomas Jefferson University Dorrance Hamilton Building

The construction of this new facility is one of the largest concrete green space projects in the City of Philadelphia. The project consisted of the demolition of an existing parking garage and the construction of a new subsurface parking garage, clinical academic building and green space to become the new focal point of the Thomas Jefferson Campus. The demolition process recycled approximately 95% of the existing structure. Filigree structure was used for the 2-story below grade parking garage, structural steel and composite deck construction for the new 7-story building. The building program included a large first-floor lobby and event space, 300-seat auditorium, class rooms with the upper floors designed with specific rooms for computerized simulation and general teaching for interdisciplinary training.

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Construction Cost: $51 million
Building Gross Area: 137,000 sq ft
Completion Date: 2007
Location: Philadelphia, PA

Architect: Burt Hill
Contact: David Madeira, Principal
Position: Project Architect
Telephone #: 215-751-2900

Approach and Challenges

Demolition and construction within a tight urban context required preplanning and coordination with Neighborhood Associations, City, University, Hospital, and Transportation Departments. The Hospital and University services and functions had to be maintained during the process of demolition and construction which required advanced planning and daily interaction with multiple departments and agencies. Additionally, PATCO subway and communication duct banks were located on on or extremely close to the property line on the Locust St. block. With the 2-story below grade parking garage the perimeter of the site required major sheathing and shoring. Because of these existing conditions, the building structure needed to be modified and in some cases added to existing foundations from buildings that date back to the early 1900’s. P. Agnes and the Design Team worked closely together in order to build, as the design for the structure was being modified. It was a true team effort from the outset to project completion, with the construction of the new foundations completed in 10 months and the completion of the 7-story building and roof garden 10 months later.

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