The Granary Office Space

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Construction Cost: $3 million
Building Gross Area: 48,000 sq ft
Completion Date: 2007
Location: Philadelphia, PA

Architect: Granary Associates
Contact: David Lamontagne
Position: Managing Director
Telephone #: 215-665-7000

Renovation of 48,000 square feet of office space including the building's shell and core work that consisted of a complete mechanical, electrical, and fire protection systems, interior space systems, full glass walls, architectural features, special conference rooms, furniture system, and IT services. This new space will now become the new location for both the Architectural and Interior Design Departments, as well as the Project Management Division.


With a very limited timeframe, this project posed a challenging schedule due in part to a specific drop-dead move-in date. Not only did the team at P. Agnes go through the preconstruction phase of Value Management, accelerating the start time for the project was of the utmost importance. This project was a Silver LEED Certificate project with a tremendous effort invested into the coordination process to achieve this goal. The project needed to be complete within 15 weeks for a move in date of December 21, 2007. The new tenant needed to be fully operational by the morning of December 26th.

Intense expediting and coordination of the work, working closely with the architect for quick solutions to details, working critical trades several overtime phases and more importantly, a total team effort led to this project’s successful completion. There was a very minimal punchlist, and we were within the Owner’s final budget. Closeout and commissioning were also an important factor that took place in a timely manner.

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