La Salle University Science and Technology Center

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Construction Cost: $31 million
Building Gross Area: 30,000 sq ft new construction / 80,000 sq ft renovation
Completion Date: November 2009
Location: Philadelphia, PA

Architect: UMJN Architects
Contact: Bob McCauley
Position: Partner
Telephone #: 215-440-0190 ext. 106

This Science and Technology Center project consists of a three-story new addition constructed with structural steel and concrete composite decks and complete renovation to the existing four-story poured-in-place conventionally reinforced concrete structure. Prior to construction of the new addition an extensive utility relocation was required to make way for the new structure. The existing building was stripped to the concrete structure, including the removal of the exterior cladding and M, P & E Systems. This project incorporated sustainable construction and design. The majority of the demolition and construction debris materials were recycled. The design incorporated energy efficient exterior cladding systems, M, P & E systems, reflective roofing and two areas using “green roof” technology. The green roof will reduce the heat gain as well as absorb and naturally dissipate the rain water collected. This facility will be used for a diverse range of academics including science laboratories, both wet and dry, and information technology. Included within the building program are office spaces, open gathering spaces and lecture halls to be used by multiple academic departments to enhance the learning environment.

Approach and Challenges

Hired as the Construction Manager early in the preconstruction stage of the project, P. Agnes quickly became a vital member of the Project Team. By fostering an integrated Team Approach, P. Agnes provided value management based on a thorough understanding of the project, relevant project experience and knowledge of current market costs. The regulatory approval obstacles delayed the start of the project and became a challenge that required strong scheduling and sequencing skills. Once construction began, the Team Approach proved to be an effective way to proactively manage the issues and ultimately a significant reason for completing the project with success.

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