Episcopal Academy Chapel

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Construction Cost: $8 million
Building Gross Area: 10,000 sq ft
Completion Date: 2008-01-01
Location: Newtown Square, PA

Architect: Venturi Scott Brown
Contact: John Hunter
Position: Project Architect
Telephone #: 215-487-0400

New construction of a +/- 15,000 square foot single-story chapel for the proposed Episcopal Academy Campus. This building was an extremely detail building with many angled sides making up the floor layout and had a tremendous amount of structural and architectural components including a 100’ masonry and steel spire.



Our primary challenge was being able to complete this project within the owner’s aggressive schedule and to bring this project in for the budget that the Academy could afford. When we were awarded the construction management contract, the owner was already over budget and loosing time since the remainder of the proposed campus was already under construction. When we got involved, the design documentation was only at fifty percent and there was only about a year from when the entire campus needed to be completed including the chapel. Since this project had so many components and such intricate detail, the construction on a building of this type was anticipated to take roughly a year to complete. Since the design was not completed and our one year was already ticking away, We were able to have the design team complete the design on certain trades so that we would be able to bid these trades out as early bid packages and pre-award these trades (ex: structural steel, foundations, masonry, carpentry package and all mechanical and electrical) so that construction was able to begin and progress while the design team was able to complete the remainder of the architectural design aspects of the building. Once construction commenced, our Project Manager and Superintendent worked extremely close with the design team to resolve any issues in a timely manner so as not to impede the construction schedule. Through value engineering during the preconstruction phase and aggressive supervision and cost management during construction, as a team, we were able to complete this project below the owners anticipated budget and ahead of the owner’s completion schedule.

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