Drexel University East Hall Student Residence Tower

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Construction Cost: $15 million
Building Gross Area: 108,000 sq ft
Completion Date: 1999-01-01
Location: Philadelphia, PA

Architect: Burt Hill
Contact: Kim Miller
Position: Project Architect
Telephone #: 215-751-2900

This project involved new construction of a 108,000 square foot, seven (7) story residence hall for upperclassmen with apartment-style living. The superstructure was constructed using the structural steel columns and beams.



When Drexel University began planning the East Hall Student Residence Hall, they knew they had to meet a tight schedule because the 300 beds – which did not yet exist – had already been promised to students, and the project needed to be complete for the Fall 2000 term. In fact, construction began before all of the construction documentation was completed. The only design finalized was the column grid lines. Tight budget constraints existed as well. P. Agnes employed a relatively new technology, called the “Flex-frame”, an innovative combination of pre-cast concrete and structural steel within the same plane, allowing the construction team to erect the structure much more quickly than traditional CMU walls. The Flex-frame method helped to reduce three months off the construction schedule, and saved Drexel approximately 5% in structural materials costs.

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