MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper

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Construction Cost: $40 million
Building Gross Area: 105,000sf
Completion Date: 2012
Location: Camden, NJ

Architect: Francis Cauffman
Contact: Ken Kramer
Telephone #: 215-568-8250

The MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper is a state-of-the-art cancer treatment center on the Cooper Health Sciences Campus. Consisting of deep foundations and steel superstructure, this four-story, 103,050 square foot  Cancer Institute is clad in metal panel, natural stone, and glass. In addition, an expansive roof garden was constructed over the first floor occupied space to allow patients access to a private garden setting. The interior of the building was fit out with a full range of specialists and cancer care services all in one place, including: radiology and radiation oncology, hematology/medical oncology, surgical oncology, urology and gynecologic oncology; chemotherapy infusion and laboratory space; and chemotherapy pharmacy. Abundant examination, treatment and procedure space throughout the new building will improve patient flow and access. Conference rooms and academic spaces will foster the team-approach to cancer treatment for which the center is already well-known.



An integrated Team approach, proactive problem solving and effective communication were critical to the success of this project. P. Agnes was involved early in the pre-construction process providing the Team with important sequencing, schedule, technical and budget information used to finalize the plan and to define the critical milestones. With the first project scope needing to be revised given budget cutbacks, P. Agnes worked closely with the Owner and Designers to Target Value Design the new building. With the revised design, new milestones were developed that focused Owner authorization for enabling work as well as the Designers to provide the documents necessary to make early awards required to begin select trades to minimize any further delays the start of construction. Together, P. Agnes took the lead in planning and coordinating with the Owner, Designers, Consultants, and Subcontractors and remained flexible and responsive to ensure that Cooper University Hospital, daily operational activities, and operations were maintained with minimal impacts throughout construction.

P. Agnes is currently tracking for delivery of the radiation theory equipment for mid-June per the request of the Owner. This will allow for the installation and commissioning of the Owner supplied equipment to be completed in parallel with the building and compress the timeline required to open the facility for treatment. In addition, P. Agnes is tracking to compete by August 20, 2013 along with the additional scope items identified within the 19 Bulletins. All of which have been completed within the original construction budget!

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