University of Pennsylvania Stephen A. Levin Buiding

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Construction Cost: $52 Million
Building Gross Area: 72,000sf
Completion Date: 2016
Location: Philadelphia, PA

Architect: The Smith Group JJR
Contact: Mark Potter
Position: Principal
Telephone #: 313-442-8266

This project began with the demolition of two existing buildings, Kaplan, and Mudd. We then had to install an extensive lagging system to prepare the site for construction. The new Stephen A. Levin building consists of 72,000sf which will house Dry and Teaching Labs, a significant auditorium, faculty offices, interview, classroom and collaboration spaces. The structure consists of a 36” thick matt slab foundation which was poured 6’ below the water table. The steel and composite deck structure was built between two existing occupied buildings, connecting to one of the buildings on 3 separate floors while connecting to the other via an underground poured in place tunnel connection.

One of the unique design elements used on the building’s exterior was a significant ornamental metal scrim sunshade, which was made to mimic the brains neurons.

Approach and Challenges

The projects design and construction implemented the use of many custom products and features compounding the level of difficulty of coordination, procurement and construction. This design left less than standard tolerances as well as long procurement times for these unique materials We were also faced with extraordinary logistical challenges due to the tight nature of the urban location, and the project located in the middle of an active college campus along one of the busiest intersections in the city. 

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